Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find the most frequently asked (important) questions about printing ribbons. Read this information carefully before you place an order on


What is the delivery time?

Smaller numbers to 100 meters we usually have in stock, and we can deliver within a few days. Mourning Ribbon always has priority and we always try to send the same day (fog ordered on workdays before 11.00 hrs and paid for). If a color or width has to be ordered, delivery time is a few days longer (with mourning ribbon we always contact you for an alternate color so there will be no delay). Large numbers from 100 meters and more we often outsource and therefore there is a longer delivery time.


What is the minimum order?

The minimum purchase of single-sided satin with a print in one color is one meter.


What shipping method should I choose?

Once we send your ribbon it is in the hands of PostNL and unfortunately we have no influence on that. Of course - in most cases - it goes well and your order will be delivered to you in one or two days delivered to you. But unfortunately, sometimes it takes longer or - in worst case scenario - it gets lost in the mail.

If you opt for the cheaper 'mailbox post' and your order does not arrive, then we can not track your order, the risk is for the buyer.

If you opt for the more expensive 'parcel post' and your order does not arrive, then we can track your order, the risk is for the seller.

It is possible that you select 'parcel post' and that we still send by regular post (mailbox post). In that case we take the risk and the ribbon will be sent free of charge again if your order would not arrive.

If the ribbon is delivered too late through the mail or you entered the wrong address, it is beyond our control and we can not be held responsible for it.


how the ribbon is cut and delivered?

After printing the ribbon, we cut it from the roll. It may be that we do not always neatly cut straight or that the printing in the beginning is not quite nicely, but you always have enough extra length so you can cut the ribbon your self (the ribbon does not fray after cutting). Always look at the entire Ribbon and not only the beginning piece. Please note:. For example, when you order a sash we only deliver the printed ribbon, you will have to put the ends together your self with a safety pin, Velcro, needle and thread or similar. The ribbon is usually wound on a cardboard (sometimes loosely) and in an envelope or box shipped to you (depending on the shipping method you choose).


How do I know, how much ribbon I need?

Ask your self after which length you want to cut the ribbons. Suppose you need 20cm (approximate) long ribbons, then you know that you can get 5 ribbons out of one meter. If you leave a comment like 'I'd like to cut pieces of 20cm', we will make sure the text or logo is always printed on the 20cm. If you want to make a sash, then it's best to order 2 meter ribbon with a width of 100mm per sash.How does the printing turned to stand on the ribbon?


How does the printing turned to stand on the ribbon?

Unless otherwise agreed, text or logo is printed from left to right if you keep the ribbon horizontal.

We will not rotate your logo on the ribbon by our selfs. As you provide the logo, so it is also horizontally from left to right printed on the ribbon. So if you want your logo printed on an upright vertical ribbon, then you need to email your text or logo in a 90 or 270 degree position.


How often does the printing stand on the ribbon?

This is information you will have to give in the comments box. If you give no or incomplete information there, we will print in a way we think it's best. In most cases we will print your text or logo repeated on the ribbon with an equal distance between them.

Exceptions: For a sash we just print the chest side. In an opening ribbon or ribbon for a cutting ceremony, it may be that we repeatedly print or just 1 time in the middle. Again, you can give us the right information but you can also rely on our experience.


How big is the print on the ribbon?

The maximum length of a print in 1 color is 1 meter (full-color is up to 29cm.). The height is often about 70% - 80% of the height of the ribbon but if a text is to long, then this value is automatically reduced to fit on the ribbon.


What is the quality of the print?

Foilprint is made by means of a stamp print on the ribbon. This technique does not absolutely perfect ink coverage (especially on the multi-colored acetate tear-tape) and is therefore less suitable for images with large colored surfaces.

The print is by means heat pressed on the ribbon. This means that the printing also could fade by heat (eg hot wash or friction). The exact melting temperature is varies by print color. Testing? Please first order 1 meter before placing a bigger order!


My 2nd order ribbon is different from my 1st?

After each print job the machine is reset. It technically not possible to save or load your settings from your last order. You therefore must re-specify how you want the ribbon to be printen at an eventual sequel order.

It is therefore inevitable that there might be a difference in distance or height in the print compared to your previous order(s). This also applies if you order a sample first.


Can I order a sample?

Yes, to assess the quality of the ribbon and printing, you should first order 1 meter ribbon (starting at 0 GBP). It is advisable to do this before you may place a larger order. Once printed, we can not take the ribbon back and refund. We normally do not keep the cliché of each order and therefore the position of the print on the test ribbon may differ from your possible next order. Therefore always let u know how you want the ribbon to be printed and/or where you will use it for.


Can you print on the back-side of the ribbon?

De back-side of the ribbon is a little less shiney but it can be printed fine. The price is 2 times the normal price per meter.


Is your question not answered here?

Please contact us. We respond very quickly to our email and we also prefer to be contacted by email so that we can provide the necessary information on a peaceful moment and any correspondence can be read back. Do you have a question which is often asked, we place it on our website.